State-of-the-Art Commercial Kitchen Opening - Guest of Honor Governor Brian Kemp

The Coffee Café Bakery represents a $15+ million, highly automated, Centralized Manufacturing Location (CML) being developed in metro Atlanta, The Coffee Café Bakery is a subsidiary of a Chunara Food Group (CFG) and ZSC Enterprises partnership, and takes a strategic and innovative approach to building a better production facility.

CFG and ZSC Enterprises control close to 75 Dunkin’ locations in the Atlanta area. About a year ago, they began to think about partnering in a CML that could serve not only their restaurants, but other Dunkin’ shops in the wider Atlanta market in the wider Atlanta market as well. “We wanted to assemble a strong team to take on such a big project,” says Shams Charania, chief people officer for ZSC Enterprises. “We’ve worked together for years and we have an excellent working relationship.”

They set a goal to build a facility that will produce the highest quality donuts, as efficiently as possible, and at the lowest sustainable cost. To achieve that, they are getting as close to full automation as possible, and in the process, re-imagining the typical CML blueprint. While their facility won’t be the largest of the nearly 100 CML’s nationwide, it will be one of the most fully automated in the country. The partners believe it is also one that will be modeled by other franchisees for years to come.

Like most commercial ventures, a primary concern was location, location, location. In this case, a largely industrial neighborhood in Fulton County, just northwest of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The spot is strategic, positioning them to reach as many stores as possible within the drive time allocated by the brand. “We would jump in the car and crisscross the city to check out every place we could get to,” says Barkat Colabawala, operating partner and chief operating officer at ZSC Enterprises. On one of those drives, they discovered a 31,150 square-foot former food packaging facility sitting empty. “I wish this space was about 10 thousand feet bigger,” said Colabawala. “But we realized there was nothing out there that would even come close to what we have here.”

As it turns out, the building’s smaller size actually helped the team reach their efficiency and automation goal, according to Ali Chunara, managing partner and president of Chunara Group of Companies. “We have less space to work with, so we’re utilizing every square foot much more efficiently than anyone else in the Dunkin’ system,” says Chunara. “We’re maximizing the space and going towards full automation.”

Chunara Group of Companies'
Centralized Manufacturing Location (CML)